Save time on your recruitment

The latest employment figures reveal a record high of over 70% employment. But in a world where getting the right person for the job is key, just how much time should you devote to it?

Why do a quarter of all new staff leave their jobs within the first six months?

One answer to this could be management of a candidate’s expectations at interview. Often what the candidate interprets the job to be vastly differs from what the job actually is! Premier Placement Services friendly team can step in and ensure that not only do you have the right candidates for your vacancies, but that they have a clear understanding of what the job will actually entail.

How can Premier Placement Services help?

Saving you time on your recruitment

By going above and beyond in our registration process, we remove many of the issues faced by employers receiving candidates for jobs from other recruitment agencies. We don’t adopt the practice of ‘just send someone for interview to fill the vacancy’ – we actually listen to what you want and need from your employees and only supply those people we feel are suited to the role.

We register quality candidates, those who are enthusiastic, hard-working and reliable so that you can save time (and money) on recruitment costs and the interview process. This allows you to fill your vacancies quickly so that you can get on with your business efficiently.

What if I need a vacancy filling immediately?

Fill your vacancies ... fast!

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We offer our clients a genuine ‘out of hours’ service. Our 24 hour emergency telephone service is manned by experienced consultants who are able to source staff to meet any eventuality that may arise within your business. Or you can fill in our online request form.

Fill your vacancy quickly – call us today:

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We’re here to help.

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